We are excited to introduce - DuraPatcher

DuraPatcher is a permanent pothole solution.  The modern spray injection technology is ideal for potholes, alligator cracks, shoulder and washouts.  DuraPatcher is the most cost efficient and effective repair method. DuraPatcher allows you to get more repairs done in a day compared to traditional repair methods and can be opened to traffic immediately. A low-pressure system delivering the necessary air, aggregate and emulsion.  Recognized by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) as the most durable and cost efficient repair method.

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Spray Injection Patching



• A cost effective method for pothole maintenance on hard surfaces.

  1. The modern spray injection technology is ideal for shoulder washouts, alligator cracking, 

   edge erosion, depressions, bridge decks, concrete, pavement and utility cuts.

• Out performs typical cold mix applications.

• Ideal application for cracks that are too large for typical crack sealing.

• Minimal traffic interruptions, Dura Patched areas are open to traffic immediately.

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